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I Aced the OPI!

Ok, “aced” is a strong word, but I got the level I needed to take Spanish in Mexico instead of taking Spanish in a classroom here, which makes me very, very happy.  I am so grateful to my friend and tutor, Michelle Thorson, who patiently guided me from “vamos a la pisina porque Paco y Alfonso ya estan alli” to a level of proficiency high enough to have a 30 minute semi-conversation with a native speaker from Chile, even if I did forget the word for “business” (which makes it exceedingly hard to talk about business school). Of all my accomplishments so far in grad school, this is what I feel is my shining moment…I’m fairly certain it had quite a bit to do with all the ice cream sandwiches and the fresh coffee that Kathy at the Commons made sure I had, hot and fresh (the coffee) and cool and chill (the ice cream) every Tuesday and Friday for the last 6 weeks.