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What the heck happened to that soup you promised me?|French Onion Soup Recipe


Hey. I haven’t been around for a while.  If you’re still around, at long last, here is the soup I promised when we made chicken stock back in…what? December?  Better late than never and you still have some time to make this while there is a chill in the air, which makes this soup extra cozy.  It’s also pretty cheap if you buy an inexpensive chicken and make the stock yourself.  I’m working on a three-part post singing the miracle thrift praises of whole chickens, but it’s not done yet.  So for now, get yourself a whole chicken or some chicken bones (the local market usually sells them cheap), make some stock (once you have this stuff around the house, you’ll never want to go back to the canned badness) and then take a Sunday afternoon and make yourself some onion soup.  This and a salad (and a fair amount of red wine) is all you need to make a memorably tasty Sunday meal.

Crack pipe? Try crack pie|Key lime pie


This is possibly the world’s most addictive pie.

If you don’t like citrus or can’t stand the idea of cream pies, you might be safe. Otherwise, this pie could be your downfall.

This pie is not only scrumpdillyicious and easy to make, it’s also relatively inexpensive.  I’d say the whole thing cost about $5.  If you somehow have the self-control not to stand there in your jammies at 6 a.m. and shovel it in by the spoonful, you can stretch it. It’s so flavorful that you should be able to get least 10 pieces out of it.  And it’s better frozen and then partially thawed, so you can slice it up, wrap up the pieces and keep it in your freezer for future, stretching your dessert dollar even further.

Welcome…have some soup

So I did it. I somehow figured out how to make the “self-host” switch. And most of my comments came with me. None of my links, but there weren’t that many to begin with (oh crap! I have to remember to tell the Daring Bakers…write that down), so we’ll just move forward on that. I do understand, however, why people suggest you start out self-hosting (instead of using a free service) and I also have deep respect for all those who code – I apologize for ever thinking that you spent all your time in your underwear reaping the benefits of techno-phobes’ fears when really, how hard could it be? It’s hard. Not impossible, but I’ve killed several hours just trying to get my header to not suck and we’re still not there yet. So I’m sorry for doubting.

Happy Thanksgiving!|Rustic Rolls

We’re bringing the rolls this year.  Not store bought doughy things, but rustic, crunchy brown rolls.  I’m afraid this may distress my young cousin who seems to have an affinity for soft, white foods, but I saw the rolls in this month’s Cook’s Illustrated and kind of had to make them.

Happy Birthday Daring Bakers!|Homemade Pretzels

The Daring Bakers, that illustrious and intrepid group of folks world-’round that takes on a monthly challenge de four and posts the results together on the same day is two years old this month.  In honor of this great group (which happens to be the reason I started blogging), I spent part of this afternoon making the very first challenge, homemade pretzels.  Ah, who am I kidding?  The husband wanted them.  But happily his craving for East Coast street food coincides with the anniversary of that great day that Ivonne and Lis started baking together in public…