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Makes me happy

It’s a wedding!

"You're a flower, you are. Just a little desert flower." - H.I., Raising Arizona

It’s the big day for my friend V over at 40licous. She and her beau are tying the knot in a vineyard in Oregon, and I’m in the desert, admiring flowers. But I am thinking of them this day and wishing them so much happiness. Marriage is not for the fainthearted, which V certainly is not, and even though there are naysayers all over the place who like to point to negative statistics on matrimony, I am hoping for V and Steve that they defy some odds (much like I’m trying to do myself) and get to show the facts their bad finger by staying together forever in wedded bliss with the kind of marital happiness that fairytales are made of. Here’s to you both – live long, love fiercely and have the most fun you possibly can. Try to be sure to laugh together every day too, that helps everything immensely…

I Aced the OPI!

Ok, “aced” is a strong word, but I got the level I needed to take Spanish in Mexico instead of taking Spanish in a classroom here, which makes me very, very happy.  I am so grateful to my friend and tutor, Michelle Thorson, who patiently guided me from “vamos a la pisina porque Paco y Alfonso ya estan alli” to a level of proficiency high enough to have a 30 minute semi-conversation with a native speaker from Chile, even if I did forget the word for “business” (which makes it exceedingly hard to talk about business school). Of all my accomplishments so far in grad school, this is what I feel is my shining moment…I’m fairly certain it had quite a bit to do with all the ice cream sandwiches and the fresh coffee that Kathy at the Commons made sure I had, hot and fresh (the coffee) and cool and chill (the ice cream) every Tuesday and Friday for the last 6 weeks.

This makes me really happy