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June 2009 is “post a day” month…and I’ve blown it already!

I love the idea of “x” a “y” projects. “One new meal a week.” “Five minutes of cleaning a day.” “Read a book a month.” So when the idea occurred to me to jump my blog posting into higher gear by posting once a day for the month of June, I thought I was a bona fide genius…

Look what we grew! | Tomatoes


By “we” I mean the husband. He’s a regular Farmer McGraw. These are from a plant that went into a container late last July (a bit on the late side for the poor plant) and has given fruit here and there all winter. Turns out you can grow indeterminate (which basically means “fruit ’till I die”) varieties through the winter as long as the temperature doesn’t drop too low. The husband has four thriving baby plants he started from seed that are going strong and have just been transplanted into…


Grilled Cheese Month | How did I not know about this?


I guess I did know it was Grilled Cheese Month, but somehow managed to shove it to the back of my mind. Which is probably good because honestly, I don’t need 30 days of grilled cheese even though I could easily eat nothing but for 30 days. This was my favorite sandwich growing up, when we made it with the whitest bread available and cheese that seemed as plastic as the wrapping, almost as sweet as candy and orange like only American cheese is orange.

This makes me really happy


Holy moly, have some steak!


One of our Christmas presents from my (super-way-too-generous!) mother-in-law arrived today.  I don’t think our freezer has ever been so well-stocked and I had to post a photo.

If anyone needs a square beef-filled meal, come on over.


What we ate in 2008

At the beginning of 2008 we decided to make one new thing every week. This was before I started the blog, before we started living quite so frugally, before I quit my job…before a lot of things. The idea came to us on New Year’s Eve after finishing off a goose, which neither of us had made before. “We should make one new thing each week this year!” Of course we should. One new thing a week is manageable and it is also impressive – fifty two never-been-cooked before dishes. At first we were good about marking down the date, which relaxed into marking down the week and eventually devolved into us racking our brains at the end of each month trying to remember what the hell we ate. Some months have fewer entries than they should, some months have more. We were somewhat undisciplined, but by the end of the year we developed a new habit – culinary exploration on a regular basis. In fact we like trying new things so much that we have more than 52 things on our list – there are a total of 54 dishes we made (and many more we can’t remember). Some turned out better than others. All were fun. For 2009, I’m planning to post a recap of the new things we eat at the end of each month (easier now that there is a blog for these things) and we’ll be making new dishes with an eye toward economy (partly from necessity, but also because it’s challenging and fun). I’ll also include more information about the recipes so they can be duplicated. But for now, here’s our 2008 new foods list – it was fun to make and eat – I hope it’s fun to read!

Look what the husband made!|Ziplock plastic bag drier

Hey!  The husband is a genius.  Check out what he made for me!


The extreme coolness of this invention is not evident at first sight.  In order to truly appreciate what this sweet little marvel can do, you have to have spent some time dealing with this


Not a real post

I promise I’ll have a real live, legitimate post soon.  Really.  It’s just that I’ve been looking for a job and, you know, the economy is going down the toilet and I’m really easily distracted by articles that promise I can monetize my blog* and posts about what I should be doing with my resume, but not so distracted that I don’t still feel compelled to at least make an attempt to find a job, so the blog and baking have fallen by the wayside.  Which is sad and for two reasons.  One because both are my favorite things to do and two because I have both a Daring Bakers challenge and two Tuesdays with Dorie due (yes, I am a hopeless joiner).  Really, I’m so far behind I don’t know if I’ll ever catch up.  Maybe there’s something on the Internet I can read about panic attacks…

Five minute bread?

Hey!  I’m back!

Apparently I was effected by the Presidential election a bit more than I anticipated (I don’t really get in to politics) because I’ve actually been thinking about the country (all in all, not a bad thing to do with one’s time) more than I’ve been thinking about baking since the election.

Gotta gotta have it

What could be better than a post that both links to a fine blogger and also writes itself because it’s just a point to a fine blogger? Good bar of chocolate maybe. Marrying your best friend. Sunday dinner and a new recipe. Ok, a few things, but it’s still pretty damn cool and anyway, I digress. This post is about something else…