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Wine Wednesday

Wine Wednesday|Peachy Canyon Incredible Red Zinfandel 2008

Blurry but not because of the wine!

I think I’m turning into a Zinf-a-phile!  Maybe the California native in me is coming through.

We liked this one.  Here are my notes:

– Fairly smooth
– A little tangy, but not tart or sour
– Some kind of fruit taste – maybe plum?
– A little hot at the end but not overly so – makes for a nice finish/after taste
– Husband’s assessment?  He thought it was a little “thick” (I would say “syrupy,” but I think we mean essentially the same thing), but drinkable

Wine Wednesday|Monte Ducay Reserva 2005

What did I say a couple of weeks ago about the importance of notes?  This one will be brief* because I can’t find my chicken scratchings on this bottle, but I do remember that it was solid and quite affordable (less than $6).  It’s one of the few at this price point that I would bring to a friend’s house.  While it wasn’t mind-blowingly remarkable, it also wasn’t overly or underly anything (sweet, sour, spicy, etc.) and should go well with just about anything a sturdy red wine would complement.

More next week!


*This post may lack substance but at least the photos are getting better!

Wine Wednesday|Chateau de Seguin Cuvee Prestige 2008

Not sure which is more difficult - learning to "talk wine" or learning to photograph wine bottles

Definitely not a favorite here.

The wine was thin and sort of flat.  There was a dryness to it, but there wasn’t any real flavor to round out the dryness.  My husband tasted it, said “it tastes bad,” and poured the rest of his down the drain, and poured a glass of our standard boxed wine.

I didn’t dislike it that much.  But I won’t buy it again.  There really wasn’t much character to it.  Still lacking the language to describe the differences in wines very well, all I can say is that I didn’t like this one.

Wine Wednesday|Layer Cake 2010 Shiraz

Yes that is my laptop in the background - need to hire an art director!

Today is quite a posting day!

When I bought this, a couple of my friends were a little jealous that I’d be drinking it over my “weekend,” which led me to a bit of excited anticipation.  Although I don’t always like what everyone else likes, I was told by more than one person that this is a pretty fantastic wine.

Here’s what the winemaker has to say about this one:

Wine Wednesday|Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel

Man the weeks go fast!

Time for another shot at wine tasting.  This one is another Zin – I liked the first one enough to give another recommendation from a coworker a shot.

We liked this one a bit less, although I think I liked it more than my husband did.  He said that it felt “thick” and “spikey in the back of the throat.”  I think the “thick” he was experiencing was a concentration of flavors (at least, this is what I think based on the info I found poking around on my Internets), which he might not care for, being more used to Cabernets.  The “spikey” feeling could mean the wine was harsh, a quality that is (supposedly) not desirable.

Wine Wednesday|The First – Stonehedge Zinfandel

Not the world's best photo - we'll do better next time!

Let’s be honest – I wanted to call this “Wino Wednesday,” but that just seemed unprofessional.

While I drink my fair share of the stuff, I’m not particularly well-schooled when it comes to knowing about different brands and varietals of wine.  I know the standard bits and pieces – Chardonnay is drier (which means “less sweet”) than Riesling, white wines are lighter and generally paired with fish, poultry and pasta (depending on the sauce) and reds are generally heartier and paired with red meats as well as delicious treats like chocolate.  Oh and I know that varietals are about the kind of grape used or the region the grapes are grown in, as well as knowing that varietals are generally a blend (with the majority of the blend being wine from one type of grape).