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Crap! I missed World Bread Day!

How did I manage to do that?  Apparently, yesterday was the third annual day to celebrate bread around the world via blogs, and I MISSED IT.  And yes I meant to use all caps and yes I know I’m not supposed to.

Well, water and bygones and split milk and all.  Nonetheless, I have a lovely loaf that I made and am posting in honor of World Bread Day 2008, which was organized by the amazing Zorra.   This post was originally titled “True (bread) confessions.”  I think it fits nicely in the spirit of World Bread Day, showing the good and the bad of baking your own loaf.  The recipe used here is “Cook’s Illustrated Almost No-Knead Bread.”

Happy one-day-after-the-fact World Bread Day to you!

True (bread) confessions…

I could write about bread indefinitely.  I love bread.  I love the way it feels, I love the way it smells…sorry – vague (and fairly naughty) Bill Hicks reference.  Bread is my food.  And lately, thanks to my (last-one-to-the-party) discovery of no-knead bread, I’ve been shamelessly bragging on my bread attempts but I have to be honest…while the bread has been turning out like this

It’s only the top the top of the bread.  The bottom of the bread is an entirely different story.

The bottom is…it’s just ugly.  There’s too much flour and the parchment paper sticks to the bottom.  This photo is even a bit of a cheat – I’ve scraped off almost all of the flour and most of the paper.

No-knead dough is very wet (which is what I think makes for the big lacy holes in the crumb that are so yummy – wait, how can nothing be yummy?) – that’s the reason that so much flour is required to keep it from sticking to the paper.  Any ideas how to keep any of it from sticking without adding flour?  Any genius ideas on something I can use here instead of flour altogether?



  1. bridget says:

    I don’t think you’re not supposed to flour the parchment. Parchment shouldn’t stick to baked bread. You just move the dough to the parchment, let it rise, and then move the parchment with the dough to the hot pot to bake. Once the bread is baked, the parchment should come right off.

  2. bridget says:

    (That should say “I don’t think you’re supposed to flour the parchment.” Sorry about that.)

  3. Silicon baking mat maybe?

    Still looks beautiful and delicious. To me the more rustic a loaf looks the better.

  4. Doh! I Meant Sili-CONE.

    I can’t vouch for the anti-stick properties of an Intel wafer.

  5. pinkkathlyn says:

    I tried the “no flour on the parchment paper” idea and it stuck to the bottom completely! I think I have bad parchment (despite it being 100% organic or whatever from Whole Foods – cost me a fortune!). Will try the light dusting of flour next time.

    The learning, she just don’t stop! Cheers.

  6. zorra says:

    Try semolina or cornmeal next time.

    thx for your participation in WBD’08.

  7. pinkkathlyn says:

    @zorra – Cornmeal it is! Thanks Zorra – and thanks for hosting such a great event!

  8. Elra says:

    I saw your bread photo from the roundup, and I just have to visit you. I made this bread as well, I didn’t use any parchment at all. I use my “la cloche” and added cornmeal.
    I think your bread looks great and very rustic. I love rustic bread!

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