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Daring Bakers October 2010|Donuts!

I am so sorry to have missed out on October’s DB challenge.  Although I am happily relaxing right now at the end of our Career Week at Thunderbird, part of me (mostly the hungry tummy part) really wishes I had somehow scraped together the energy to make this challenge happen.  Someday, when the MBA is a long-finished achievement and the husband and I are settled into our new place that has enough space to have a proper deep fryer located someplace outside the house, we will make donuts all the time (note to potential employers – I love to bring in homemade treats to work).

Until then, please enjoy some of these amazing, mouth-watering, gorgeous creations from the bottomless well of talent that is the DB.  And be sure to join if you want to play – it’s great fun and an amazing education!


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  1. Heiner says:

    wo siehst sehr shicck aus! Also bezfcglich der Frage wegen der Lichteffekte an der Seite ich weidf es ehrlich gesagtgarnich mehr, ich habe ewig rumgemacht und rumprobiert und bischen experimentiert eben.Aber wenn ich ne4chstes mal Bidler bearbeirte schau ich mal was ich da gemacht habe und dannmaile ich es dir wenn magst. Irgendwas von wegen filmframe war da glaub ich xx Daisy

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