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Ending on a helpful note|How to make powdered sugar

~This is the twenty-sixth (and last!) post in a series running through the month of June 2009 in which I attempt to post once a day for the month.~

Ever wondered what powdered sugar is? Apparently I have, which is why I knew when I ran out of it on Saturday that it was made of sugar and corn starch. I also knew that flour can be substituted for corn starch if you just double the amount, because the last time I needed corn starch, I found that the cupboard fairy (otherwise known as me) had “organized” our corn starch into the garbage.  So I had to look up a substitute for that.*

The fairy also seems to have either thrown out or used up all our powdered sugar, which about threw me into conniptions on Saturday when I was making the Bakewell Tart…er, Pudding, but thanks to my Internet, I found a “recipe” for substitute powdered sugar, made by whirring some regular sugar around for a while in a good blender and adding corn starch. Which could also be flour, if you’re out of corn starch as well.  Like we are.

Personally I hate having a bag of powdered sugar sitting around taking up precious kitchen real estate, so I’ll be making it myself from now on. It worked great and was easy to make. So there you go – ending “post a day” month on a helpful note. Now I’m going to go drink a beer and take a nap.


Homemade Powdered Sugar


1 cup sugar**
1 tablespoon cornstarch***


Combine the two and process in blender until powder forms. May take a few minutes to really get it looking like powdered sugar.

*I make a lot of substitutions in recipes. Someday I’m going to substitute so much out of a recipe it’s going to be an entirely different thing than I intended to make.
**Use one cup or however much powdered sugar you need, of course!
***This can be substituted with two tablespoons of flour


  1. pam says:

    hi nice post…. i currently need icing sugar to make my marzipn easter egg… was just wondering if using this recipe how much plain flour can i use coz i dont have cornstarch on hand… would be helpful…. coz im down with dessert making on saturday…

  2. Kathlyn says:

    Supposedly, you can use 2 tablespoons of flour for every cup of sugar. I haven’t tried it this way, but the recipe I used for this said it would work. Good luck with your marzipan!

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