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Everyone is bundled in their photos…

I noticed recently that several of the people I “know” online are wearing sweaters and scarves in their avatars and photos.  I live in Los Angeles.  It was 97 degrees on Tuesday, October 28.  That’s three days before November.  Seeing people in photos all bundled up makes me think “how can they wear that in this heat?”

The lack of seasons here is disorienting.  I’m not ever really sure what time of year it is.  A friend yesterday said “I can’t believe you’re 40!” (and honestly, neither can I) and I said “I can’t believe you’re 40!” and she said (this is getting ridiculous) “I’m 41!”  And I had to think for a second and remembered, oh yes, it’s October, her birthday was a few months ago.

I think one of the reasons it is hard to believe that I’m 40 is that I’ve spent the last four years here.  I was 36 when I came here, still in my mid-30s.  Now I’m in my 40s, but the weather has made it seem like we’ve just been sort of living 2004 for…a very extended period of time.  Those moments I remember that four years have passed I find myself sort of surprised.

I’m not complaining, exactly.  It’s nice to have sandal weather when the rest of the Northern Hemisphere is covered in snow.  And being in Los Angeles has been incredibly productive for us.  But there is something kind of…stunting about eternal sunshine.  Something that kind of holds you in the same place, even as you move forward.  If the seasons never really change, how do you know that time is passing?


  1. vmcgrady says:

    I know that time is passing because I keep having to buy big bags of organic dog food.

  2. Lynn says:

    When you have more gray hair than not. Or, when your doctors keep getting younger and younger. I remember when I used to go to the doctor and he/she was so OLD! Now, they are so YOUNG…

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