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Find the cake

I’m searching for a job right now and it’s not much fun. I don’t want to make the cold calls, the warm calls or even the hot calls necessary to land the job of my dreams…which is crazy, because I’m looking for the job of my dreams, so shouldn’t I be excited about this challenge? And it’s not that I am lazy – not at all. I routinely spend 10+ hours a day working at a job that I’m trying to replace. And weekends. In fact, my current job is eating up all my time – my precious time. The time of my life. So why am I not spending every moment that I am awake, every moment I can spare – this moment now – in the pursuit of that new job? That’s all that there is between me and it; my own reluctance to push forward. Any why? Well, because finding a new job is hard and I don’t really know what I’m doing. But wait!! Didn’t I just make a cake that was really hard? Did I know how to make that cake? Didn’t I say that I had never made a cake like that successfully before? So what’s the difference?

The difference is painfully simple. I really like cake. More than I like most things. So taking a complicated recipe, breaking it down and making work, no matter how intimidating or challenging it might be, or how ill-prepared I might be, or unqualified I might be to make that cake, I can still knock it down because at the end of it all, the likelihood of there being cake to eat is pretty high.

Find the cake. In any situation where fear is paralyzing to an otherwise freight train-like work ethic. The cake here is the job of my dreams (which I’ve never really had, so it’s a hard cake to bake, even in my mind). The job of my dreams, even if not perfect when I make it happen, is certainly worth risking the small potential humiliation of a few phone calls, right? The job of my dreams – what would that be like. Maybe better than a big piece of cake.


  1. DolceCakes says:

    Hey… I know what you’re talking about with the Job that eats up your time.

    You find yourself working this job that you hate for hours and hours each week and the time that you have off you might not want to spend looking for another job, but instead, relaxing and trying to not *die* from the overexertion of your current Job. I’m in the same spot, so I know how you feel.. I just had to get over that hurdle myself.
    I’m currently between schools because I just dropped out of my old college in order to start anew at a culinary school… So that means that I needed to suck it up, quit my 70+hr/week job here, quit my Painting degree and go for what I want to do (pastry chef) MY goodness! It was scary and hard to do, but I did it and now I couldn’t be happier.

  2. pinkkathlyn says:

    DolceCakes – congratulations! That’s wonderful that you’ve figured it out for yourself. I think too that we distract ourselves with ‘the busy’ to keep from having to make the really hard decision to just move forward and commit (and also, as in your case, admit that we’ve chosen incorrectly the previous time). So congrats again – I’ll be keeping an eye out for your fabulous creations!!

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