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Friday Tip|Easy Poached Eggs


I am a solutions-through-gadgets kinda gal.  When I have a problem, like my poached eggs not coming out the way I want (I know, not the world’s biggest problem, but work with me), I can easily fall prey to gadgets that claim to be the solution to the problem.  Hence my ownership for years of these things:

I’m not sure what these are called, but I do know is that I never got them to work.  I also never got the “add vinegar to the water” method of egg poaching to work.  Or the “swirling the water before dropping the egg in method.”

What did work was the Cook’s Illustrated method of egg poaching, which is simple and allowed me to throw away my egg poaching thingies.  All you need to do is:

1. Keep the water at a very low simmer – not a boil! – at least until the egg sets.  This will help it stay together.
2. (This is the really important part) Crack the egg into a small bowl and then slowly and gently slide it into the water.

By slowly and gently, I mean slowly and gently.  This part of the “trick” I didn’t get until just recently.  Essentially, you need to almost dunk the bowl into the water.  Similar to what you would do with a new fish you were adding to an aquarium.  You put the edge of the bowl into the water and let the egg slide out.

How long you cook them is up to you.  I’ve seen recipes that say to turn off the heat and put a lid on them.  I usually just keep gently simmering for a few minutes, but the lid technique could help keep the eggs together as well.

I like the shape of these eggs as opposed to the perfectly round things that come out of “egg poachers.”  This method makes a pretty egg that looks like it would be served at a place that makes food to order.  And no extra equipment to keep around.

Hope that’s helpful!


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