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Friday Tip|For The Nerds!*

This week’s tip is not so much a tip, as a recommendation.  We don’t have many gadgets in the kitchen, and I really don’t use the computer to organize anything like recipes, etc. (although the computer does get used a lot to google things like “how many grams in one cup of whole wheat flour”).  That said, I do like this little app.  It’s a…an add-on, I guess you’d say, to the fantastic book Ratio by Michael Rulhman.

This app is great because it really allows you some wonderful flexibility as a cook.  For instance; say you’re visiting your mom, and you decide you want to make a pie, but she doesn’t have any good cookbooks.  You’re sure you can wing the filling, but making a great crust takes some precision.  You can use the ratio app to find the ratios you need of fat to flour, in cups, grams – whatever you like.  It also has the best ratio for salad dressing I’ve ever made.

If you’re like me, this thing is sort of a godsend – I can commit things to memory as long as I use the information on a regular basis, but I get rusty fast and even things I thought I would never forget get very fuzzy at best.  So for foolproof “recipes” at your beck and call, this is a great little tool.  And it’s less than $5 on iTunes.

Hope that’s helpful!


*Before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, I am 100% nerd and use the term proudly, with respect and affection

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  1. Ahmet says:

    wo siehst sehr sichck aus! Also bezfcglich der Frage wegen der Lichteffekte an der Seite ich weidf es ehrlich gesagtgarnich mehr, ich habe ewig rumgemacht und rumprobiert und bischen experimentiert eben.Aber wenn ich ne4chstes mal Bidler bearbeirte schau ich mal was ich da gemacht habe und dannmaile ich es dir wenn magst. Irgendwas von wegen filmframe war da glaub ich xx Daisy

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