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Friday Tip|Inexpensive Wine Decanter

Friday tip is a little late!

Blame the origins of this particular installment; our friends S and J came by last night and at least one ninja may have had a bit too much cheer in her happiness to see them.  Too much to write a tip last night, at any rate.

We’ll try to make up for it with brevity and simplicity this week – today’s tip is all about doing something sophisticated for cheap (don’t you love that?).  Whenever we go visit my Dad, he always serves us red wine out of one of these:

Not exactly this decanter, but one pretty similar and quite fancy.  I’m not a wine expert in the least (unless being really good at opening the box and putting it on top of the fridge counts as expert), but using a decanter does seem to improve even the most affordable of wines.  So while I would normally be a little suspect of something so fancy-pants, even I get the benefits of decanting.  Maybe not with a high-priced crystal decanter, but I get it.

We were at S & J’s place a while back and, after handing us each a glass of wine, one of them said “you may wonder why the wine is in a flower vase.”  In truth, I wasn’t really wondering, I was just happy someone was giving me a glass of wine.  But I’m glad they explained, because it’s a neat trick.  Apparently they had read somewhere that wine can be decanted from an FTD flower delivery vase and improve just as much as though it were decanted from a fancy-schmancy crystal decanter.  You can see the similarity in shape.

So – want to try your hand at decanting your two buck Chuck?  Pull out one of those vases that your mother’s day/birthday/graduation/honey I’m sorry flowers came in that you’ve been storing in the back of the cupboard and give it a try.  Yes, it feels a little silly to pour your wine out of a flower vase – until you realize that you’ve just saved $50 on a decanter.

Hope that’s helpful!



  1. […] I buy it, I will definitely be opening it 30 minutes before drinking it, if not putting it in a decanter.  All the wines we’ve tasted in the past few weeks got remarkably better after sitting open […]

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    Decanters often intimidate the average wine drinker. Many people are not drink their houses. Not to be red wines need to be in decanted. However, most the table wines don’t need the added step of using a decanter.

  4. hira says:

    Hello,Decanters often intimidate the average wine drinker. Many people are not drink their houses. Not to be red wines need to be in decanted. However, most the table wines don’t need the added step of using a decanter.

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