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Friday Tip|The Egg Edition (part one)


It’s Friday, so it’s time for the third Friday Tip, which is actually going to be posted while it’s still Friday this week (thank you technology that lets me write posts in advance!).

This one is pretty simple – it’s about separating eggs and beating egg whites into…uh, beaten egg whites.  Here is all you have to remember:

Separating eggs – do it when they are cold

Beating egg whites – do it when they are warmed to room temperature

I don’t really know the science behind this one, but I do know from experience that what I say here is true; eggs separate much more easily, and the yolks are much more likely to stay intact, if you separate them when they are cold.

As to why they beat better when they are room temperature, I’m not sure, but they do.  If you want some more tips on beating egg whites, check this post for more detailed information.

Hope that’s helpful – happy weekend!


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  1. NadiaThinks says:

    wow–thanks for the tip…this totally blew my mind today, because i’ll either do everything when the eggs are cool or warm, and never thought to just WAIT after I separates so they’ll whip more easily…SO going to try this …hmm, what to make…

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