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Friday Tip|The Egg Edition (part two)

It’s Friday again (I’m sensing a pattern), so time for another helpful tip.


So I post this helpful tip on March 18 and exactly two week later, Cook’s Illustrated emails an egg cracking tip!  Coincidence?  I think not!!

Regardless, their egg cracking method is better than mine, so I’m stealing it.  Instead of cracking your eggs on the side of your bowl, crack them on the counter.  Simply hit the egg in the same place you would on the side of a bowl on the counter instead (at the chubby middle of the egg).*

I think this allows the flecks of shell to stay on the counter, but regardless, it works better than my side of the bowl method, so I’d use it.

*****END UPDATE*****

Last week we talked a little about separating egg whites and yolks, and beating egg whites.  This week, we have the continuation of egg helpfulness – how to get eggshell out of your egg.

First things first though – it’s better to just keep shell out of your egg rather than trying to fish it out.  I recommend a firm crack on the shell on the side of a bowl (if you really hate fishing the shell out, use a separate bowl edge to crack the eggs, which should keep virtually any shell from falling into the bowl you’re using to crack), and then quickly and firmly pull the egg apart using your thumbs.  It’s an egg, so you can’t manhandle it with abandon, but this is also no time to be timid; don’t let the egg make you think you need to be all delicate just because it’s really easy to smash.  Conviction is key here.

If that doesn’t keep stray pieces of shell out of your eggs, though, there is a pretty easy way to get them out.  Just take the edge of the egg you just cracked (without any little flecks hanging off it) and use that to scoop the stray shell out of the egg.  It will actually be pretty easy.  The big piece of shell will move pretty easily through egg white and the little fleck of shell that you want removed will kind of stick to the larger piece.

I’d like to post a link to a helpful video of this, but I can’t find one…maybe I do need that Flip camera after all.

Have a great weekend!


*I’d post the video here, but Cooks has a nasty habit of making their videos available to non-subscribers for a very limited time and I don’t want anyone to be disappointed by a link that no longer works.  If it’s pretty close to April 1, 2011, you can go to the Cook’s Illustrated web site and find it.

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