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Friday Tip|Warming Plates

Buenas! How is it Friday already?

Today we’re getting away from the freezer and warming things up. Specifically plates.

Ever noticed how recipes sometimes ask for food to be transferred to a warm plate or platter? Warming dishes is simple enough but I’ve found a couple of ways to do it that I think are really easy, so I’m going to share them.

Way 1 – The oven. About 10-20 minutes before you want to serve your food, turn the oven on to about 350 or 400 and put your plates in there. If you’re like me, you need to set an alarm for 5 minutes and then turn the oven off. You can leave the plates (or bowls or big serving dish or whatever) inside the oven until you’re ready to use them and they should stay warm until you are. Do be careful taking them out of the oven (use a mitt). They are likely to be hot enough to make you drop them if you try to pick them up with your hands.

Way 2 – The stove. What if you’re using the oven? Glad you asked! Another way I’ve found to warm plates when I’m using the oven is to just set them on the stove. We have a gas range and heat blows up through it pretty consistently. I put a stack of plates on a burner I’m not using and then just touch them every once in a while. This method does require shuffling the plates from bottom to top if you have a stack (the bottom one will be closer to the heat and warm faster). The plates generally don’t get quite as warm this way, so you probably won’t need a mitt, but still take care with your fingers (it’s much harder to enjoy delicious food holding an ice pack on your finger – I happen to know this from extensive personal research).

Hope that’s helpful!


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  1. Jass says:

    This is hysterically awosmee stuff. Had I known any of this early on in my marriage I would have saved myself so much time. Sigh. My Husband finally makes sense. Friends of ours just go into a house way, way over their heads because the wife threw a temper tantrum and wanted the house. They will literally be bankrupt within the first year. I asked my Husband if he would by me what house I wanted if I threw a temper tantrum. He kind of growled and walked away. LOL. That is him, so NOT impressed by my drama, no matter how hard I bring it. I was always told by other women that it was because he didn’t love me. But he shows it in many, many ways. Plus, he is ALWAYS getting hit on by women and men are constantly turning to him for advice. Which he doesn’t mind, but constantly refuses the offers for power unless it is something he is very interested in. Also, he pisses and exictes other women because when they try to tell him what to do he refuses and then ignores them. I told him to stop doing that because it makes women throw themselves at him and he just ignores me.Oh, had I only known all this ten years ago. LOL.Ace

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