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Grilled Cheese Month | How did I not know about this?


I guess I did know it was Grilled Cheese Month, but somehow managed to shove it to the back of my mind. Which is probably good because honestly, I don’t need 30 days of grilled cheese even though I could easily eat nothing but for 30 days. This was my favorite sandwich growing up, when we made it with the whitest bread available and cheese that seemed as plastic as the wrapping, almost as sweet as candy and orange like only American cheese is orange.

I celebrated Grilled Cheese Month this year with the sandwich above. The recipe is below. And in the interest of not making things too complicated (and there is not much that is less complicated than grilled cheese), we’ll leave it at that.

Happy Grilled Cheese Month!


Grilled Cheese Sandwich (this one is all me)

Serves two

4 slices White, wheat, homemade, store-bought, challah (particularly yummy)…it don’t matter much as long as it’s bread
Several slices cheddar, Swiss, American, Gouda or any other cheese you love as long as it melts
Butter, softened – enough to butter each slice of bread on one side

Get out your nonstick skillet. If the pan is large enough to accommodate two pieces of bread, butter two slices and put them in the pan, butter-side down. If it’s not big enough, you’ll need to do this one sandwich at a time. Divide up the slices of cheese between the two bread slices in the pan. The trick here is to get yourself a nice even layer of cheese on the bread. You can have almost as much or as little as you want (why you would want little cheese is a bit beyond me, but that’s ok), but the layer needs to be pretty even to make the melting even. Butter your other slices of bread on one side and put them on top of the cheese, non-butter side facing the cheese (so you have the butter on the outside of both sides of the sandwich. Cook these guys on medium-ish heat until one side is nice and toasty (see photo) and then flip them over and toast the other side. If the outside gets browned before the cheese melts (hey! You went with lots of cheese!), don’t fret, just turn the heat way down until the cheese finally succumbs and gives way to its beautiful semi-liquid form.

Cut the sandwiches in half, or don’t and serve with soup or salad or milkshakes or nothing. Do whatever you want. That’s the beauty of grilled cheese. Enjoy.

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