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How much does a “large” egg weigh| Useful info…

My friend V at 40licious (who incidentally just threatened my benign heart murmur by titling her last post “Getting Engaged”) says I don’t blog enough. I’m taking that as a challenge to bring the mother f#*&ing baking ruckus – it’s on!

So apropos of nothing, here is some information I found about how much eggs weigh, according to their size classifications. Another great use for the new scale!

Minimum weights per dozen are : Jumbo (30 oz.), Extra Large (27 oz.), Large (24 oz.), Medium (21 oz.), small (18 oz.), and Pee Wee (or pullet) (15 oz.)

So minimum weight per egg is:

Jumbo 2.5 oz
Extra large 2.25 oz
Large 2 oz
Medium 1.75 oz
Small 1.5 oz
Pee Wee 1.25 oz

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a recipe that called for anything but a large egg, but at least now you can buy whatever size you want and figure it out. Not sure if these weights are with shell or without (that would be kind of ridiculous), but I weighed an egg for the snack cake I’ve been making for the husband two days in a row, and with the shell has worked out just fine.



  1. John Miller says:

    Great article, I’ve been weighing my eggs at the deli scale when I buy and on occasion I have found under weight eggs (dozen large). How long do you think the above weights been a standard, in years I mean, for example 20 years, 30 years?

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  3. When a carrot becomes “large” is a matter of opinion, but the heaviest carrot ever recorded weighed 18.

  4. Thomas says:

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 owvkt

  5. FogHorn says:

    Every day after it is laid an egg lose a little water through the pores in its shell so a large egg that may weigh 2 ounces when it is laid will weigh less each day. When you buy eggs you buy them by the dozen or some amount divisible by 12. 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 48, etc. The only requirement is that a dozen eggs must weigh 24 oz. 12 eggs that weigh 24 ounces is a dozen large eggs.

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