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I Aced the OPI!

Ok, “aced” is a strong word, but I got the level I needed to take Spanish in Mexico instead of taking Spanish in a classroom here, which makes me very, very happy.  I am so grateful to my friend and tutor, Michelle Thorson, who patiently guided me from “vamos a la pisina porque Paco y Alfonso ya estan alli” to a level of proficiency high enough to have a 30 minute semi-conversation with a native speaker from Chile, even if I did forget the word for “business” (which makes it exceedingly hard to talk about business school). Of all my accomplishments so far in grad school, this is what I feel is my shining moment…I’m fairly certain it had quite a bit to do with all the ice cream sandwiches and the fresh coffee that Kathy at the Commons made sure I had, hot and fresh (the coffee) and cool and chill (the ice cream) every Tuesday and Friday for the last 6 weeks.

I promised more “real” and more photos on the blog so…above is about as real as I get and here are some photos.

Getting ready to make individual pizza crusts in the bathroom

Little future pizzas!

People ask me a lot how I manage here, so far away from home and so far away from the husband.  Honestly, part of what keeps me sane is my nightly meal, which I eat very often with him, “on the google” (as his grandfather likes to call google video chating).  The first picture is my bathroom, which is the only place with enough counter space to really do any cooking, so consequently it’s the place where I roll out dough for single serving pizzas that I make in a toaster oven, right before I call home at night.  It’s comforting to be able to make something that is close to one of our favorite things to eat at home.  And between being able to make something, talking to my man and a little red wine,  it always feels like a treat.


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