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June 2009 is “post a day” month…and I’ve blown it already!

I love the idea of “x” a “y” projects. “One new meal a week.” “Five minutes of cleaning a day.” “Read a book a month.” So when the idea occurred to me to jump my blog posting into higher gear by posting once a day for the month of June, I thought I was a bona fide genius…

I can also be somewhat overly optimistic with projects. While I have proclaimed the month of June as “post a day” month for myself, I have already managed to blow any chance of a perfect record by failing to post on June 1. No matter. The point of this exercise is to prove (to myself mostly) that perfection is overrated. I’m going for quantity over quality in the very hope of pushing past some pretty stifling perfectionist tendencies, and I’m not going to let a little thing like missing day allow me to weasel out of this one.

So apologies in advance for what you might find here over the next month. Ah, screw that. In the spirit of my favorite baker, Mrs. Child, I apologize for nothing. If you’ve come to my house, you most certainly will eat, and I will try my best. But you’ll eat what I serve and you’ll get no shame out of me, no matter what it is I put in front of you.

Looking forward to tomorrow…


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