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Look what we grew! | Tomatoes


By “we” I mean the husband. He’s a regular Farmer McGraw. These are from a plant that went into a container late last July (a bit on the late side for the poor plant) and has given fruit here and there all winter. Turns out you can grow indeterminate (which basically means “fruit ’till I die”) varieties through the winter as long as the temperature doesn’t drop too low. The husband has four thriving baby plants he started from seed that are going strong and have just been transplanted into…


Self-watering containers!  Yes, we’re having a drought here in Cali, but that doesn’t mean no tomatoes.  These containers, uh, “contain” water better than your average pot.  Although hideously ugly, the 5 gallon bucket is cheap and covering the soil of the plant helps conserve water (you could also do this with plastic).  For detailed instructions check out this rockin’ cool video from Homegrown Evolution (formerly “Survive LA” which personally I like better, but that just reveals my feelings about LA).  You can also read their entire self-watering container thread – these people are serious and seriously helpful.  It’s my dream to be friends with them one day…

When we’re done planting, we’ll have four new tomato plants and the venerable queen tomato from last year.  I’m looking forward to a summer full of tomato salad…



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