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It was probably bad form to exit Facebook with a link to the blog and no new post to greet anyone once they got here.  My bad!  I’ve never been very good with manners…

So I’m making an attempt at blogging again.  I thought I’d be on hiatus for a bit while I was in grad school, both because I didn’t think I’d have the time and I didn’t think that writing about grad school would be a good idea on a blog that’s primarily about baking.  But I’ve been reading two other blogs I really like –  Style Rookie and Outernational – and realized that my blog doesn’t have to be about anything, really.  Tavi Gevinson has a fashion blog where she also writes about high school and Jim Poe has a…I don’t even know what Jim’s blog is about but it makes me hungry and nostalgic at the same time.  I’ll try to make this one interesting and I’ll try to make it food-related (shouldn’t be too hard for me) but mostly, I’ll try to make it…well, I really liked this video of Tavi, because at the end she says she couldn’t remember the last time she wrote anything critical.  Part of the reason I wanted to stop visiting Facebook is that I realized that I was just sitting at my desk, making one line snipes.  And I’m not extremely mean, but…I just wasn’t offering anything of any value.  Both Jim and Tavi are offering something of themselves – something that I think is real – and I like that a lot.

So I’m going to go for less clever and more Kathlyn and we’ll see where that gets us.  I’ve got a lot of projects and ideas in the works.  I’m going to try to impress you here by not trying to impress you.  I’ve always been overly concerned with other people’s opinions of me, so it’s going to be kind of hard, but I’ll try.

Cheers (which, by the way, I always sign off with and it’s not really something I say –  it’s something my husband says, but I like it so I’m stealing it).

p.s. I’m going to go for more pictures too.  Here is one I took of a Mexican coin that was randomly sitting on the stairwell.  It seemed appropriate since I just struggled through the Spanish OPI exam on Monday.


  1. NadiaThinks says:

    I like the photo and the random note…looks like a good start so far!

  2. Mimi says:

    It’s cool you’re blogging again, but WHY DO YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE? We miss you (and your snark) on Facebook!

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