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Wine Wednesday|Black Mountain 2010 Zinfandel

A little errant aren’t we?

Well, we’ve been busy.  We’re building a house.  It’s a lot of work.


And I’ve started to rethink the “taste all the ‘varietal “x” in the store’ strategy of Wine Wednesday*.  It does work well in two helpful ways – we are able to compare which ones we like easily by comparing apples to apples (or Zins to Zins) and it also makes it very easy for me at work to be able to make a Zinfandel recommendation.  I have clear favorites and even if I don’t remember all our tasting notes (which I do not), I can point with confidence to a couple of bottles in any given price range and say “I like this one – it’s really (any given thing I can actually remember about the wine that I liked).”

But there is a downside to this strategy.

These are our notes on Black Mountain Zinfandel, which was a perfectly lovely economical bottle of wine.  There’s almost nothing written down.**

I think we are bored.  Not of drinking the Zinfandels – we love them.  But of trying to say much about them.  They are all, not surprisingly, very similar.  And tasting wine with the intention of writing about it is very different than just having a glass of wine.  How many different ways can you describe “peppery” and either “plummy” or “berry-ish?”

So it may be time to switch to a new varietal.  We were getting very close to the end of the Zinfandel section anyway so we’ll choose something new for next time.  The comparison of Zinfandel and some other varietal alone should be tons of material.

Until next week!


Box Wine Rating Recap:

Black Mountain 2010 Zinfandel

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

*Which I know, we haven’t stuck to with zealous discipline.  But more or less.
**In case my chicken scratches are illegible on your smart phone, I’ve written “Very fruity – plum,” “Not as peppery as other Zins,” and “Not a standout but good for the price.”

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