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Wine Wednesday|Charles Shaw Cabernet

Two Buck Chuck!

I’m excited to talk about this wine.  It’s one that we’ve had around here for years, and before we switched to the Block Red Shiraz*, the Charles Shaw Cabernet was our staple table wine.

Some don’t care for it, but we’ve found it a solid wine for its price.  A co-worker says it has topnotes of watermelon and bubblegum; I don’t think he’s a fan, but I see his point – this is not top shelf stuff.  It is, however, an extremely affordable ($1.99 in California, slightly higher in places like Washington with high alcohol tax), medium bodied cab with a bit of tartness, a bit of heat, a bit of fruity sweetness, and overall just a drinkable red wine.

We’re no experts around here, but I would say that this wine would stand up pretty well in a blind taste test.  Maybe it’s my unrefined palette talking, but regardless, I try not to let a low price dictate my opinions.  This bargain stands up better than many of the higher priced wines we’ve tastes and I imagine will be a favorite for a long time.

Until next week!


*A review of the Block Red is coming, but it is unfortunately out of stock at my local store!  Fingers crossed for a speedy return…

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