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Wine Wednesday|Chook Shed Shiraz 2009

Wine time!

Today we head down under for a taste of Shiraz (or “Shazam” as a friend likes to call it).  I immediately fell for the label, which isn’t an indicator of quality, but packaging does go a long way.

This one was decent, but not an overwhelming favorite.  My notes include “sharp, peppery, a little sour with a hot finish.”  I thought it was straight down the middle in terms of body – not very heavy or thick but not thin either.  My husband, L, thought it was a little on the sweet side and a bit heavy, saying that it “tasted like a light syrup.”

Don’t think this one will make our “buy” list on a regular basis.  For the price ($10-$12), it didn’t really stand up for us.  But if you like a medium/heavy wine with a bit of bite to it, this might be your bird!

Oh – last thing that I personally really liked – the screw top!  I’m glad to see things like box wine (more on that next week) and screw tops making a comeback.  If there isn’t any noticeable compromise in quality, why not keep things easy and simple?

Until next time!



  1. Nancy Baum says:

    how can we purchase a case of this wine?

  2. Kathlyn says:

    Sorry to take so long getting back to you and sorry to say that I don’t know! I haven’t seen it in our shop in a while. I think the only thing to do is an internet search and see if you can find any. Good luck!

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