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Wine Wednesday|Evenus Zinfandel Port

Happy Wednesday!

I’m very excited today because Bake Like A Ninja has its first guest post!  An anonymous reader has generously offered to write a bit about port, something I know little-to-nothing about.*  Without further ado…

First I’d like to thank our thoughtful Ninja host for the guest spot. I’ve never done this before so she’s taking a little risk. I’ll just get right to it.

I first enjoyed this wine a bit more than a year ago while in Salt Lake City visiting a colleague. His wife travels frequently for business and found this little port at a Trader Joe’s, where I can’t remember. I’d had port before, mostly from Portugal and honestly didn’t care for what I’d experienced. Too sugary, and in a bad way, was my limited experience. I was offered a glass and took one little taste. I don’t remember finishing the glass but I do remember being in the kitchen trying to wring the last drops out. I would have licked the inside of the bottle if I could.

It’s gently chocolate with raisins, raspberries, and maybe a whisper of coconut. Really dark berries and deliciousness. I’d be thrilled to get this as a gift and excited to give it as one. If you haven’t fooled around with ports I would do yourself a favor and bring a bottle of this home.

All the best.


Until next Wednesday!


Box Wine Rating Recap:**

Evenus Zinfandel Port

Rating: ★★★★★ 

*Truth be told, I also don’t really like them, so I’m extra excited to have this post for anyone who might be curious.
**For the record, our guest poster says that this port blows the box wine out of the water and would have 6/5 boxes if it could!

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