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Wine Wednesday|Green Fin California Red

Happy Wednesday!

This week found me wandering up and down the wine section (on my break!), thinking on what to choose this week.  I was looking for another bottle from Paso Robles, but not finding much we hadn’t tried when I noticed a customer looking around.  She asked if we still carried the Green Fin.  Why yes, we did, in both the red and white.  She said she hadn’t tried the white but couldn’t say enough about the red – lots of fruit, she said, and a great deal…

Great deal?  Count me in!  Turns out, she was right. The Green Fin is fruity, although not tasting distinctly of any one fruit.  It was a little on the thin side, but not watery or lacking in flavor, which I actually prefer to overly heavy or thick (as does my tummy!).  Some heat at the end, but it was more interesting than annoying.  We drank the wine with a spicy curried mussel dish my husband made, which improved the wine; the sweetness of the fruit complemented the spice heat of the shellfish.

Overall, this is a great priced wine – it’s not a $25 bottle and that’s fine.  It’s a great wine to bring along to a party (although maybe put it at the back of the wine table where it’ll be enjoyed later on in the night).  We both agreed – it’d be a great second bottle!

Until next Wednesday!


Box Wine Rating Recap:

Green Fin California Red Table Wine

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

(Spontaneously) paired with Green Curry Mussels (recipe from my husband’s head)

Rating: ★★★½☆ 


  1. Bill Stout says:

    This is my absolutely favovorite “It’s a red wine night” wine. I have yet to find a better moderately priced red wine. Yes, there are more complex and expensive reds of various varieties, but none compare to the taste and value of Grrm Fin Red.

  2. Bill Stout says:

    That’s Green Fin Red.

  3. Grizz says:

    I actually like this wine, impressed even, considering how affordable it is. . Trying to figure out what grapes are in it (guessing primarily merlot with some sangiovese, , maybe a shot of syrah and/or cab sauv too. The fact they are organic is awesome, especially for a $5 wine. This wine goes great with food, (drinking it with Beemster Classic cheese and Nova Bakery ciabatta bread right now) and is also a good gateway red for those folks out there who don’t like the dryness or tannins that red wines are known for. But its not a “sweet” wine either. Like a beaujolais, but less watery and with somewhat more roundness.

  4. Isaac says:

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