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Wine Wednesday|Grifone Primitivo

Ooh delicious!

It’s Wednesday again, so time to crack open another bottle and give it a try.  Today, we have a winner!

Originally, my new “plan” for Wine Wednesday was to work through different varietals in the store and compare and contrast.  Since we liked zinfandels so much the last round, I thought we’d start there.  Then, someone at work said that this Grifone was such a great wine and such a steal (at $3.99) that it’s a perpetual hit with the staff when we can get our hands on it…

Ok, I’m a sucker for a great wine at a great price.  So fine, I brought a bottle home, even though it wasn’t really lining up with the plan.

And we loved it!  The Grifone is…wait, let me look at my notes.  Delicious!  Yummy!  We wish we could drink it all the time!  Our overall unanimous conclusion is that it was a great everyday wine.  Lots of berry flavor, a little heat (but not overwhelming), tasting of smoky raspberry and chocolate.  This wine is very even, smooth and tasty – making it almost too drinkable*.

Looking over my notes, I was thinking “well, not so bad to deviate from my plan when we got to enjoy such a great little bottle.”  And then, because I knew nothing about primitivos, I did a little googling to learn more.  As it turns out, PRIMITIVO IS THE SAME THING AS ZINFANDEL!  At least according to Wikipedia.

So we haven’t technically veered off course.  And we’ve discovered a lovely new wine to enjoy…when we can get our hands on it.

Until next Wednesday!


Box Wine Rating Recap:

Grifone Primitivo (from old vine zinfandel)

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

*Which of course means it’s perfect for Thanksgiving – we’re open all Wednesday – come and get some if we have it!


  1. John Rickel says:

    the 2010 was good and well worth the money, the 2011 was very disappointing, a typical 3-$4 wine

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