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Wine Wednesday|Layer Cake 2010 Shiraz

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Today is quite a posting day!

When I bought this, a couple of my friends were a little jealous that I’d be drinking it over my “weekend,” which led me to a bit of excited anticipation.  Although I don’t always like what everyone else likes, I was told by more than one person that this is a pretty fantastic wine.

Here’s what the winemaker has to say about this one:

The 2010 Layer Cake Shiraz is outstanding due to virtually perfect growing conditions and rigorous vineyard selections. The wine is incredibly layered and richer than in past years. Bold spice, black plums, dark chocolate, mocha and cherries and black berries abound with a hint of red soil and a faint trace of anise with layers of spice box. Loaded with glycerol mouth feel and capped off with a long creamy finish that just hangs on your palate.

Here’s what I wrote down (if nothing else, I will have learned from all the wine tasting that making notes while drinking is imperative!):

Initial smells – alcohol, prunes (heavy, ripe fruit smell), yeasty/medicine-like (kind of like a medicine cabinet full of vitamins)

Deeper smell – much more alcohol, more yeasty, I can feel the alcohol burn on the back of my throat

First taste – smooth on the front of the tongue, hotter on the sides, heavy/prune-like taste similar to smell

Aerated taste – more tang to it, more of a bite, hotter

Color – dark purple-red, dense, completely opaque

So overall, not much that sounds very positive on this first glass.  However, one thing I did note that I liked was that this wine was not sweet.  It wasn’t necessarily dry either, but it wasn’t cloying, which is something I was kind of expecting based on my experience with Shiraz (or “Shazam” as my friend Chris likes to call it).  It’s definitely what my husband (who was out of town and couldn’t share this one with me) would call “thick” or “heavy.”  I think the pros would call it “fat” but not “flabby.”

The first glass wasn’t really well-breathed, and the second glass was actually much improved.  I’m not sure if that’s because I had already had one glass of wine, or because I left the bottle open.  Hopefully I’ll get better at discerning these things as we go along.

All in all, though, I did like this wine.  More than I thought I would based on my experience with most Shiraz.  At less than $15, it’s a nice bottle and would make a good gift for a red wine drinker.

Until next Wednesday!



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  2. Mame says:

    Alrighty, then! Bought a bottle of this in a VERY modest convenience store in Stratton, ME, for $12.99. Shared it over pizza in a shabby motel room, after a SIGNIFicant hike up and down the Fire Warden’s Trail at Bigelow Mt. Almost 10miles round trip and a solid 3000′ elevation. The color of this wine is a major force, opaque and sultry. Dense flavor, and incredibly satisfying finish. What can I say? I loved it.

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