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Wine Wednesday|Monte Ducay Reserva 2005

What did I say a couple of weeks ago about the importance of notes?  This one will be brief* because I can’t find my chicken scratchings on this bottle, but I do remember that it was solid and quite affordable (less than $6).  It’s one of the few at this price point that I would bring to a friend’s house.  While it wasn’t mind-blowingly remarkable, it also wasn’t overly or underly anything (sweet, sour, spicy, etc.) and should go well with just about anything a sturdy red wine would complement.

More next week!


*This post may lack substance but at least the photos are getting better!

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  1. Rochelle says:

    Looking forward to more posts. Wine Wednesday? I need to join in. Got to love midweek bottle of wine. 🙂

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