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Wine Wednesday|Panilonco Cabernet Savignon

Hello there Wednesday!

The day after Christmas is not going to stop us from posting a couple of words about another wine tried and tasted.* This week it’s Panilonco Cabernet Sauvignon.  I brought this home after sampling it at work, and it was featured at the store for the month of December (with our holiday flier).  It was nicely priced ($4.99) and I liked it – I thought it tasted of berries, and it was fairly smooth, although with a bit more alcohol than the Zinfandels we’ve been tasting.  It was a little nondescript, but again, for the price, I thought it wasn’t half-bad.

L, on the other hand, said it tasted like four day old boxed wine**.

Given how many other perfectly lovely wines have been featured here for equal or better price, you might be better off avoiding the Panilonco.  But if you’re looking for a low-price Cab, I think this one is fine.

Box Wine Rating Recap:

Panilonco Cabernet Savignon

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

*The two weeks before Christmas, however, seems to be another story.  We’ve missed the last two weeks – apologies to anyone who is paying attention!
**Which in this case is definitely not a good thing.


  1. Thank you for introducing this wine to us, wine lovers! This would be a fine dinner wine, best enjoyed with lamb or spicy food. The price isn’t bad at all. This is worth sharing.

  2. We don’t want to end a special occasion without drinking, right?. This Panilonco Cabernet Savignon looks very tasty. It will sure to quench the thirst of the people around you with a little toast.

  3. It’s not that expensive and yes, this kind of wine would be really perfect for a fine dining with family or friends. Thanks for sharing and introducing it with us. I might consider this for the next dinner we’ll plan.

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