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Wine Wednesday|Reggiano Lambrusco

A bit quick and dirty today – for starters, we’re already late and for enders, we haven’t gotten nearly enough of our Christmas chores done, so there isn’t a ton of time.*

Today, it’s Lambrusco.  Much like the Prosecco I was so excited to try last week, I was also excited to try this stuff.  I’d heard about it recently on The Splendid Table, about how it has of late been rescued from its cheesy 70s past and rehabilitated into a respectable and refreshing sparkling adult beverage.

Maybe my expectations were too high, but it tasted kind of like wine soda.  It had more sweetness than the Prosecco, which I liked, but it was much flatter, which made its lightly sweet simplicity sort of…simple.  To be fair, the cork did break, which could indicate that there was a problem with the cork and perhaps it was a lot flatter than it should have been.  I am willing to give it another shot.  There is also a white version (this was a rosso dolce) which could be just the thing I was looking for when I sampled the Proseco, so we’ve got at least one more tasting to go before I give up on these…

One thing I did like was the alcohol content – a mere 8%, which is essentially half of what a “regular” wine would be.  I like that a lot.  Don’t get me wrong – I love my alcohol as much as the next gal, but I also like variety.  And particularly at this time of year when there is an abundance of food and drink, much like the chocolate lover in me starts to crave a fruit plate or even – gasp! – a salad, the wino in me starts to look longingly at a club soda with a little Campari, even at cocktail hour.  So a split-the-difference option is most welcome.

While I can’t really recommend this particular Lambrusco at this particular time, I’m not counting the style out completely, or even this particular one.  Let’s give it another go, and report back later, shall we?

Until next week!


Box Wine Rating Recap:**

Reggiano Lambrusco Rosso Dolce

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

*Have I turned into the queen?
**But the jury is still out!

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  1. Glad you gave Lambrusco a try. Unfortunately, most of the commercial Lambruscos you find are all on the sweeter side. Authentic Lambrusco is actually labeled ‘secco’, not dolce or sweet, and may be bone dry, off-dry or somewhere inbetween. For more info, see If you can find any of these, give them a try: Those Lambruscos are served in restaurants throughout Emilia. By the way, real Lambrusco is frizzante, slightly sparkling, while most Proseccos shipped to the USA are more on the spumante or sparkling side. In the area of production you can order still, frizzante and spumante proseccos.

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