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Wine Wednesday|Révélation Cabernet-Merlot

Oh I never learn.

This is a bottle I picked up from work partially on a recommendation from a customer.  He said it was marvelous.  Maybe he didn’t say exactly that (I don’t know that anyone says the word “marvelous”), but he was pretty keen on it.  In my haste to find a bottle for this week’s review without spending too much additional time in the shop, I neglected to notice something very important about this wine; it’s French.  And I don’t like French wine.

This one wasn’t bad – my husband noted (and I agree) that he wouldn’t turn it down if it were offered (or try to inconspicuously pour it into a house plant).  It’s a nice change from what we normally drink, but it wasn’t overwhelmingly good.  It tasted like a thin cab and it was too hot at the end.  There wasn’t enough to it to make up for that heat.  So overall, drinkable, but not spectacular.

One thing that it didn’t have was that earthy quality (or “flat dirt quality” to my naive palette) that French wines usually have.  So it had that going for it.  And the price was nice.  Given all the great wines we’ve been drinking over the past six months, though, for us this one is an easy pass.

Until next week!


Box Wine Rating Recap:

Révélation Cabernet-Merlot

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

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