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Wine Wednesday|Sebastopol Hills Pinot Noir (2011)


Since we’ve moved on from zinfandels to other varietals, it’s sort of knee-jerk to compare the two, even if it is comparing apples to oranges.  This week we tried a pinot from Sebastopol HIlls, a winery we’ve tried before.

Some overall notes comparing pinot to zin: pinot noir has a lighter color than zinfandel.  It’s also lighter bodied and very smooth, without much of the peppery taste that seemed to be a signature trait of all our zinfandels.

One other note that I found on the internets – pinot noir supposedly has a lower alcohol content than other wines, making it an “ideal” table wine.*  I’m not sure that this is always true; this wine had an alcohol content of 14.5% which is pretty much the same as another table wine we recently tasted.  I have seen some pinots with a lower alcohol content though, which is nice for “drinking.”

Some notes particular to this bottle: it was rather light bodied, but not thin, which we liked.  We don’t tend to enjoy “flabby” wine (wine which we generally characterize here as “thick”).  It was definitely fruity, but I wasn’t able to identify strong flavors of any particular fruit, so not quite as agressively fruity as some of the zinfandels we’ve had.  L thought it had a slightly smoky flavor as well, which he liked.  The wine also didn’t have a lot of “heat” (which I assume is the alcohol being tasted) or that dry feeling associated with high tannins.

Overall, we enjoyed this wine greatly and I would recommend it.  It’s not dirt cheap – $9.99 at work and probably more elsewhere.  But it’s worth the $9.99 if you want to spend some money.**  We’ll be tasting a lot more pinots and I have a feeling we will find something in a lower price range that is comparably good, but this one is well worth a tenner.

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*presumably because you can consume a truckload of the stuff without getting too toasty.
**I realize that this is not actually all that much for a bottle of wine.  I am extremely cheap when it comes to most things.  I also realize that you often get what you pay for – although this rule of thumb does not work categorically for wine.  There are lots of very good bottles for under $5 (thank goodness for me!).
Box Wine Rating Recap:

Sebastopol Hills Pinot Noir 2011

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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