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Wine Wednesday|St. Somewhere Syrah

Happy Wednesday!

Oh St. Somewhere!  I love your name, love your label, love the region you come from (Paso Robles), and yet…

Yet you disappointed.  You were not a dump-down-the-drain disappointment (although some of you didn’t get finished), but you were not what I was hoping for.  You smelled kind of yeasty (not generally a good sign, I fear) and you were not in the least bit fruity, chocolaty or even very peppery.  You were a bit sour.  You weren’t awful, but oh how you were not wonderful either.

For my taste, this is an easy pass.  Even the nice price doesn’t really make it attractive enough to give up my beloved box.

Better luck next week!


Box Wine Rating Recap:

St. Somewhere Syrah

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

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