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Wine Wednesday|Zonin Prosecco

Wait, what happened to wine pairings?  And isn’t this post supposed to come out on Wednesday?

Fear not, wine parings are coming back and yes this post is supposed to come out on Wednesday*.  I got a transfer at work** and my days off suddenly changed, which threw the writing schedule all out of whack.  Valuable lesson for bloggers; always good to have a spare backup post around for those times when you thought you’d have time to write but don’t…

We should be back on track this next coming week with more pairings on Wednesday.  But in the meantime…Prosecco!

For the uninitiated, Prosecco is a sparkling white wine from Italy.  From my very brief Internet search, I learned from the Wikipedia that up until the mid-20th century (how weird that we get to say that!), it was pretty sweet, like an Asti (remember Asti Spumanti?), but the way it’s produced now makes for a much drier sparkling wine.  While it’s not the same as champagne (no upsetting the French – champagne comes from Champagne!), a lot of folks drink it as a kind of champagne substitute, in part because it tends to cost a lot less expensive (the Zonin is $6 at Trader Joe’s).

I first had Prosecco about 10 years ago and what impressed me then was that it was lighter and a bit sweeter than most of the champagnes I had tasted, and the alcohol level was lower than the average wine – the Zonin is 11% by volume and just grabbing and empty bottle on my counter…hang on…this Rabbit Ridge Rhone Style Red (review coming soon!) is almost 15%.  So a lady can drink a bit of Prosecco mid-day without being knocked on her delicate hind-side, which is always a good thing.

This particular Prosecco – well, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting.  Firstly, I didn’t read the label closely enough – it does say “brut,” which is the driest of the sparkling wines.  So my pending complaint that this Prosecco was too dry is a little unwarranted.  But it was too dry for my taste.  I find super dry sparklies to be a little flat, which is how I found this one.  My husband tried it and said “that’s too dry for me” and left me to finish the bottle***.

While I won’t be getting this for us to drink by itself anytime soon, it’s extremely popular at work – people really dig it.  And I would definitely mix it up with some fresh-squeezed OJ.  With the excellent price and the lower alcohol, this Prosecco has “mimosa” written all over it!

Box wine rating recap

Zonin Prosecco Doc

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Mixed with OJ

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Until next week!


*Otherwise the name “Wine Wednesday” makes no sense
**Hooray for Hollywood!  I miss my old Silver Lake store, I love the new one already.
***Which I did.  I have mad wine drinking skillz

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